We are actively seeking for church groups who may have an interest in building one of these portable electric generators for off grid living and power supply in natural disasters and other charitable work.   We wish to donate the plans and CAD files to as many churches as we can. Our family is Christian and we feel moved by the spirit of God to create this pathway to get this innovative technology out through the church. Here are the details of how we plan to organize this technology tithe.

If you are a member of a church that wishes to receive this tithe please fill out the form below.  The tithe package includes a set of the plans / build manual for building the mini QEG and the large QEG. It also includes CAD files for both devices. You can use both of these sets of plans to build your own generators. This tithe does not include the parts, or any personal instruction.

In order to build this generator, it is required that you have some basic electrical and shop building experience. Many churches have members that operate in this line of work and this generator is relatively simple to build for anyone with basic applicable skills.  

This generator and its plans are open sourced. And anyone can build them patent and license free. Church groups may even decide to create a business structure around the production and distribution of these energy generators for members of their community or missions trips.  

Please fill out the form below to sign up for the Technology Tithe. We will schedule a Zoom call with you so that we can meet face to face and be available to answer questions you may have about the project.